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Embracing Your Unique Role as a Spousal Caregiver

Not all spouses are created equal, but your individual approach to caregiving is uniquely yours, and equally valuable. Read more about this at The Alois Alzheimer's Foundation website. 

The Power of Positive Thinking and Caregiving

Attitude is everything!  See, "Reframing Caregiving," (Elizabeth Young) in the Discipleship Ministries' Fall 2015 edition of their newsletter, S.A.G.E, along with other helpful articles on caregving. Published by The United Methodist Church's Discipleship Ministries  

A Prayer for Caregivers


Loving Lord, Thank you for the gift of these few minutes to stop and breathe and to remember that you are with me in this very moment. Dementia is an illness that tempts me to question why such a thing would exist. I am losing my loved one a lit bit every day, and at times it is so sad for me. But I have confidence in your words that “all the days ordained for me (and my loved one!) were written in your book before one of them came to be.” (Psalm 139:16b).

Help me to see my loved one and our situation through your eyes. Show me all the ways you are present so that the caregiving struggles that tempt me to question myself turn into signposts that assure me of your presence.

Remind me that one mishap does not govern my entire day; that my day is made up of moments just like this one and that you are creating anew every single moment.

Help me to not feel trapped in a situation where I sometimes feel powerless and to find ways where freedom abounds, even if only is for five minutes sitting with my feet up and drinking a cup of coffee.

Give me the courage to reach out for help when I feel overwhelmed, and direct me to those who want to support me but who count on me

 to tell them how they can do that.

Above all, Lord, give me hope; hope that my efforts are everything my loved one needs, hope that tomorrow will bring me answers to questions I have today, and hope in your words that I truly can do all things 

through Christ who strengthens me.  Amen.

Click below for a link to where you will find many heartfelt, inspiring prayers on a wide variety of topics.