My name is Elizabeth Shulman, and my mission is to empower families who are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's or another form of dementia. I also work with churches and other community groups to help them provide stronger support for the growing number of caregivers in their community. 

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Sanctuary in the Midst of Alzheimer's is a program that provides support and education for caregivers and for the communities that support them. It can be used in it's entirety or in sections (one section for spousal caregivers and one for those who want to know more about the experience of caregivers.) The curriculum has been updated with a 4-week section for children caring for a parent with dementia. I am seeking groups that would like to pilot this updated program and provide feedback before I publish it. If you are interested, please contact me at mail@elizabethshulman. Curriculum materials, questionnaires (and fun, loving support!) provided.

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Sanctuary in the Midst of Alzheimer's

Bible Study Ministry Dementia Caregivers

   Sanctuary in the Midst of Alzheimer's is the only Bible study specifically designed to help churches provide support to now the largest group of dementia caregivers - spouses. Experiencing scripture through the lens of personal stories, participants get to "walk in the shoes" of husbands and wives caring for a spouse with dementia. The result is a greater understanding of the caregiver's role and a deeper empathy upon which an effective ministry can be built. Whether you are a pastor looking for resources or a spouse knee-deep in caregiving, Sanctuary in the Midst of Alzheimer's will offer guidance for your journey.  To find out more about this powerful, one-of-a-kind ministry, go to


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